Milkaş name in 2000 opened a white page …

Chocolate, especially dairy products, biscuits and snacks in the confectionery industry in the Iraqi market regarding products in Turkey and within many product range from abroad that hosts expanding their sales and marketing then a lot has become a firm position that export to the country.

Dairy products Milkaş in 2017 whether to continue with the brand Chocolate, Biscuit and Confectionery Products also continues with a new marketing company located LaDiva food.

Milkaş making a difficult choice to take the first steps began with the production of yogurt and buttermilk. Short shelf life of these products are consumed as fresh with effective distribution and marketing efforts for success has brought these developments have paved the way for other products. Within the distributor of many products, and the distribution of basic food products is concerned, our company engaged in the marketing of dairy products created by their dealership and has made significant progress with brands.

Successful R & D group, and each said Turkey closely monitors developments in the world are adding new flavor of the day and the market is increasingly assortment in its share is increasing.

Closely following the needs that occur in many sectors saw the engines of products, our company is noted for its success abroad Particularly in Iraq, Russia, distribution and marketing activities in many countries including the Ukraine market  show continues to expand with the staff and experts work activities.